Sunday, April 28, 2013

Foils and Fimos Video Tutorials

I loved the Born Pretty Store foils they sent me for review, so I bought a couple more and some fimos. The only fimos I had were a few different star shapes and I tried many times to like them but couldn't. So I figured maybe I would like another style better and they were super cheap!

I put the fimos on over a foil design, but forgot to take pictures of the foiled nails alone, so I have both video tutorials and a couple shots of the final look!

The foil I used in this design is the one on the left, #25.

As you saw in the video, I curved my fimos to fit my nail shape better, and put two thick coats of topcoat over them. They stayed on pretty well, but I did have a little bit of wing sticking out on two of them. Otherwise, I am pretty happy with these! I did end up peeling the fimos off after a couple of days just because they were there and sticking out. Plus I was tired of them getting stuck on my hair and such. But that is longer than any other fimos have lasted on my nails, so that must mean something!

These fimos are just cuter. The stars I have are just bland and lame. I've tried a fimo-filled look and a simple one with the stars before, but didn't like them nearly as much as I do these butterflies!

I just love the depth to these foils, too. It is like a fun, crazy, rainbow, psychedelic look!

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