Tuesday, April 16, 2013

365 Days of Color - Luck of the Irish and Leprechaun Farts

My first ever actual indie polish purchase was not a disappointment!

I've won a few indies in giveaways, bought one from a blog sale, and was given another in a swap, but other than buying Sunny's Miracle Balm, it wasn't until recently that I bought an indie polish directly from the seller!

I love her moisturizers so much, and wanted a bottle of her limited edition Luck of the Irish (which was free with the purchase of Leprechaun Farts [how can you not need that one for the name alone!?]), so I picked up the two polishes from 365 Days of Color along with my last cuticle balm/oil score!

The first picture is just two coats of Leprechaun Farts over three coats of Luck of the Irish. LotI was a little sheer, but thick and somewhat difficult to work with, unfortunately. Leprechaun Farts was wonderful, though! I've since added some thinner to LotI, so hopefully that will help!

In the second, I added a jagged tape design with Julep Rebel.

What I love about Leprechaun Farts is that, while it is a rainbow glitter topper, it has a ton of shimmer and large white hexes that make it just a little different, and more interesting!

If you've never tried anything from 365DOC, I highly suggest doing so! Especially her cuticle balms!
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