Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Nails

Happy Earth Day!

I figured today would be the perfect day to try out some sponged earth nails, so I started with China Glaze Ride the Waves, then randomly sponged around on top of that with a bunch of greens, a brown, white, and grey.

In total, I used 7 colors over RtW: NYC French White, L'Oreal Greycian Goddess, China Glaze Mahogany Magic, Tree Hugger, Def Defying, Budding Romance, and Blue Iguana.

I added a little bit of Blue Iguana first to add some sparkle to the water, then put dots of all the greens and brown on a palette next to each other to dip the sponge into, resulting in semi-mixed, earthy splotches. I marbled the white and grey to add a few sponged clouds and that was it!

They were cute, but not quite Earth Day enough, so I grabbed some acrylics to add some art on top. 

A band-aid and heart on my thumb, a heart on the pointer finger, a band-aid on the middle, then a recycle symbol, and lastly a sun on my pinkie just because I racked my brain and couldn't think of anything else Earth Day-ish to add other than a sun! 

I finished everything off with a coat of ChG Matte Magic, because obviously the earth is not shiny! :) I could have tried to go all fancy and make the blue water bits shiny, but I didn't even feel like messing with that!

I really like how these turned out!  They are pretty cute and fun if I do say so myself! 

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