Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sweets 'n' Treats Nails

I ordered Zoya's Color Cuties and wanted to play with them, so I used seven of the eight cremes to make a different gradient on each nail.

From cuticle to tip:
Index - Yummy, Blu, Neely
Middle - Pippa, Audrina, Lo
Ring - Neely, Yummy, Pippa
Pinkie - Blu, Arizona, Audrina
Thumb - a vertical gradient with Arizona on the left and Lo on the right

After the gradients, I wanted to add something on top and settled on a lollipop, cupcakes, and sprinkles.

Other than the Zoyas, the cupcakes and lollipop are outlined with black acrylic paint, and I added some highlights/shiny bits with NYC French White.

I stayed up late last night painting these and I love how they turned out! I entered them into a couple of contests on Instagram!
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