Sunday, April 21, 2013

China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic vs. Make an Entrance

Don't you hate it when a polish company takes an old color, puts a new name on it and sells it like it's an original? So do I!

China Glaze is guilty of this! I got Fuchsia Fanatic with the ElectroPop collection in 2012, then Make an Entrance was re-released as part of their Sweet Sensations Ombré set. The two looked suspiciously similar though, so I had to do a comparison on them. I actually was trying to find the name for an unlabeled bottle of Color Club I have that looks a lot like Make an Entrance, when I discovered that it looked a lot like Fuchsia Fanatic, too. And so this post was born. I'd liked to have thrown the CC in with these, but I have yet to find a name for it!

For the comparison, each is shown with two coats of polish and no topcoat. Fuchsia Fanatic is on the left (pointer and middle), Make and Entrance is on the right (ring and pinkie).

You can tell when you're applying them that Fuchsia Fanatic is just slightly more sheer. But it is otherwise unnoticeable. Both still took two coats for opacity.

MaE may be 1/4 of a shade brighter than FF, if that. But that could just be me trying to find differences that aren't really there.

I would be willing to bet ChG thinned MaE a little, stuck a new label on it, and bore a new polish! They duped themselves.

Well played, China Glaze. Well played. -.-
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