Sunday, April 7, 2013

Piggy Paint - Glittery Purple

Little Missy got a couple new Piggy Paints and of course, I after I waited for her to fall asleep so I could paint her nails, I had to make sure we had matching manicures! ^.^

I figure I'm going to be sharing my polishes with the munchkin in a few years, so she can share hers too! Haha!

None of the Piggy Paints have names, and this one is a little weird. On the baby's teeny nails, it is fine at just one coat. I think because the brush load to coat size ratio is smaller, if that makes sense. On me, since it is spread out over a bigger area, it is very sheer and needs four thick coats. It was also a huge topcoat eater!

I know these are "kids' polishes" but I love how fast they dry, and they have some pretty ones! Plus they're water-based and safer for children.

I have discovered that they are prone to acetone, though. I tried scrubbing at this stuff forever and it wouldn't even try to budge. After a little Googling, I discovered that the official Piggy Paint polish remover is just rubbing alcohol! So that's what I suggest removing these with. It works much easier!
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