Saturday, April 16, 2016

Little Ondine: Peel-Off Polish Swatch and Review + Nail Foil Topcoat Comparison

Press Sample

A new-to-me company was very generous and sent me four of their polishes plus their topcoat to try out, so I'll be sharing swatches of those today!

The brand is Little Ondine and they make beautiful peel-off polishes that are water-based and contain natural ingredients. The polishes are completely odorless and fast-drying.

Since these polishes are meant to just peel off without polish remover, the wear time is obviously not as long as standard polish, but for someone like myself who changes their nails frequently, I have no issue with that. I was able to wear the polish for a day with no topcoat before I started getting a lot of tip wear and a lot of lifting. I do so much with my hands at work and use a lot of moisturizers, so I'm sure my results are even shorter than average. I tried again with their "Secret" base/topcoat and was able to make my mani last two days until it was starting to peel off on it's own. 

With all of these polishes, they peeled off completely in full sheets with no damage to my natural nails. I slathered on some cuticle oil and let it sit for a minute, then was able to peel everything off with absolutely no problems.
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