Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Weekly Dose of Rainbows: Rainbow Bubbles

I missed the mark a little on today's "rainbow" part of the rainbow bubbles challenge for A Weekly Dose of Rainbows, but I still think these turned out really cute!

I started on a black base of Pure ICE Black Rage, then used watered down white acrylic paint to create dots on my nails, and soaked up the excess in the middle to turn them into bubbles. Once those were dry, I used the Sally Hansen Palm Beach jellies to add a sheer wash of color to them and make them rainbow. I used four jellies:

  • Jell-ous? (pink)
  • Sea Through (green)
  • Ice Tint (blue)
  • Grape Jelly (purple)

plus Color Club Almost Famous thinned with acetone for my coloring.

Make sure you check out the #AWeeklyDoseOfRainbows tag on IG to see what everyone else in the group did today too!
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