Monday, April 4, 2016

Mommy's Mani Monday: Inspired by Your Favorite Nail Care Product - Pink Sugar Cuticle Oil by Dream Polish

For today's Mommy's Mani Monday prompt we did something inspired by one of our favorite nail care products. I went with a cuticle oil made by Dream Polish (a.k.a. fellow MMM'er Vanessa!) in the scent pink sugar. I fell in love with her oils and scented base/topcoats, and at all times have an oil pen with the brush tip in my pocket! They just all smell delicious!

I used Blackheart Beauty's sparkly glow polish Sweet Dreams, with star studs to represent the "Dream" part of Dream Polish, and baby pink bullion beads for my pink "sugar".

I just love how this turned out, it is so sweet and cute!

Don't forget to check the other mom's on IG to see their looks too!

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