Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday - Interlocking Design + Untriedicure #10

Before we get into my mani for today, I have to note that I have found my new favorite topcoat pairing!

I love Seche Vite, but I hate how it shrinks. Since I'm a broken record, always complaining about it, I was gifted HK Girl to try, but I've found HK Girl is a little too thin for me. It takes three coats to equal the coverage and thickness I'd get with one coat of Seche. So to eliminate the shrinking, I've been topping my manis first with HK Girl, then one or two coats of Seche depending on what I need. This combo has been working out perfectly for me! They both dry fast and shiny, and last nice and solid, for the duration of my manicure.

I started my nails for today with Sally Hansen White On, then added stripes of Sally Hansen Peach Babe, and Julep Linden. Once I did this, though, I absolutely loved it, even though it was so clean and simple! So I had to keep that mani for a day before adding to it to create my interlocking design.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pastel Rainbow IG Nail Collab

What seems like a century ago - ya know, in April - since Heather and I arranged our last Instagram nail collab. The theme this time around was pastel rainbows.

For my collab mani, I decided to do some semi-pastel skittles with silver holo flower glitters.