Tuesday, August 4, 2015

SinfulColors: Class Act Collection - My Picks

This collection is a little confusing. I am going to break it down first so it will make more sense.

The entire SinfulColors Class Act collection contains 28 polishes; however, only 16 of those 28 are new, the others are core polishes that have been around. Additionally, a handful (five) of these 16 new polishes are Walgreens exclusives.

The Class Act collection is divided into three sub-collections: Chalkboard Diaries, Play it Cool, and All Nighter.

Chalkboard Diaries is a sub-collection that consists of ten polishes, nine of which are new, demi-matte shades; three of those new nine are Walgreens exclusives:
     Chalk it Up (new)
     VIPeach (new)
     Truth or Lavendare (new)
     A-Crush (new)
     RADient (new)
     Hazed (new)
     Whiteboard (new/Walgreens exclusive)
     Blackboard (new/Walgreens exclusive)
     Pink Break (new/Walgreens exclusive)
     Black on Black (core)

Play it Cool, another sub-collection, contains eight brighter shades, three of which are new, and none are Walgreens exclusives:
     Burst of Fresh Flair (new)
     Summer S-cool (new)
     Rebel Rose (new)
     24/7 (core)
     Energetic Red (core)
     Feel the Vibe (core)
     Ice Blue (core)
     Why Not (core)

All Nighter, the third and final sub-collection contains a total of ten polishes, but only four of them are new, and two of those new four are Walgreens exclusives. This collection has the glitter toppers and special effects-type polishes:
     Late Night Haute (new)
     Blue Sensation (new)
     Sinful Sunrise (new/Walgreens exclusive)
     Night Owl (new/Walgreens exclusive)
     Casablanca (core)
     Daredevil (core)
     Glass Pink (core)
     Ice Dream (core)
     Fig (core)
     Purple Diamond (core)

Monday, August 3, 2015

Mommy's Mani Monday: Mani Orders - Rainbow Buzzzz

I must admit, I stole this theme idea from my Twinsie Tuesday group. But it is such a fun one I thought my fellow moms would really enjoy it too!

Basically, the group is divided up, and we give each other any theme we want. My boss was Rosie, and she was inspired by the pictures I took when I was hand-feeding bees - letting them eat honey from and crawl around on my fingers - to give me the theme "bee nails".

When I think of Rosie, one of the first things I think of is rainbows. So to honor her and her mani order, I decided on some rainbow bee nails!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Guest Post: Crazy Colorful Sponging and Stamping with ChiChi

Another fellow Twinsie Tuesday twinsie has come by to share a mani with us today! This time, it is the lovey ChiChi!

Hey everyone! I'm ChiChi from I'mjustme...ChiChi, one of Amber's Twinsie Tuesday group members. Today I'm helping Amber out with a guest post while she takes a mini hiatus to transition jobs.

I knew I wanted something colorful since Amber loves color. I decided to use my 3 newest Sinful Color polishes: RADiant, Chalk it Up and Sky Tree. I started with a base of Wet'n'Wild French white creme. Once that was dry, I sponged the three Sinful polishes. Next I stamped with Sinful Colors Mesmerize using plate Pueen 14.

Guest Post: Neon Skittles with Julia

I have another guest post today. This time from @jmaex3 on IG. She created a cute glitter and skittles mani for her visit!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Guest Post: Holo Chevrons with @JessJ958

Today's guest post comes from one of my wonderful fellow MMM mommas! Jess was nice enough to come by and post for me today, so she has some holo chevrons to show!

Amber asked if anyone could help her out with some guest posts since she's gonna be busy so I did a quick mani for her. I used one of my all time FAVORITE holos ever, 'Harp on It' by Color Club, and for my accent nail I used 'Tahitian Pearl' as the base, and added some vinyls from @vinylitup. All sealed with Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat. 

Hope you like! Thanks for having me Amber ��