Thursday, April 11, 2013

L.A. Colors - Whipped

I rarely see any new L.A. Colors that I don't already have. I can only find them at Dollar General/Family Dollar stores here, and they seem to always be the same ones every time. So when I discovered a whole mess of L.A. Colors at a dollar store when I went to visit my mom over spring break that I didn't already have, I had to pick a bunch of them up!

I'm a sucker for pretty nude cremes. This should not be an unknown fact by now. I used to not really like them because I didn't see a lot of point to them. Ooooh look it's practically the same color as your skin. That's so awesome! So what's the point of even wearing it?!

Well... I then bought a nude. And it was all over. I have been acquiring them like crazy ever since!

Point of the story being that I love this! It is so creamy. Yummy. Gorgeous. Delicious! With such a perfect name like Whipped, it just makes me feel all fluffy and I love wearing/looking at it!

It's gorgeous and shiny at just two coats, and the slightly grayed coloring is a little different.

What's your opinion on nudes? There are some people I've seen who are just desperately searching for that perfect nude that is a spot-on match for their skin tone. Others who could care less. I just really like the color. I am not looking for something that matches my skin perfectly for mannequin hands, and I especially love nudes with a little extra something to them, like Zoya's Godiva, a textured nude, or a sparkly nude, etc!
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