Saturday, April 27, 2013

Born Pretty Store Leopard Water Decals Review and Tutorial

I was sent this set of water decals from Born Pretty Store to review.

These decals are really detailed and gorgeous so I was excited to use them!

If you bothered to read those instructions on the back, you know they are not the least bit helpful. So I had to figure these out on my own. The instructions on their website make a little more sense, but they aren't very hard to figure out, anyway.

Cut them out, round one end, remove the plastic film off the front, dunk it in water, and apply it to your nail.

It was slightly annoying that I had to round these myself because for one, I can't seem to ever get it even, plus I ended up messing up and cutting the wrong end. So the leopards are upside down. I prefer the top of the design to be near my cuticle, not at the tip of my nail. Oops! Guess I should have paid more attention to what I was doing instead of being so gun-ho!

I tried these out over some different colors and one on a bare nail. Since the one leopard has some sky in the background, I figured he would look nice over China Glaze Kinetic Candy (I also used White on White on the index finger, and Lemon Fizz on my middle nail).

He did not...

I decided to try Peachy Keen in place of blue, and here is the final result:

I do love the look of the yellow nail, but these definitely look best over white since they are so sheer!

For a complete tutorial on how I applied these, I made a video:

For $3.99 USD, you get enough decals for four full manicures. You do need at least a little bit of length to your nails to wear these, though, or you end up losing some of the leopard. I barely have enough nail for the larger faces!

They do remove very easily along with your polish, and wear just fine as long as you apply a topcoat over them. Mine stayed on without peeling or lifting for a couple of days, and by then I couldn't handle that neon orange kitty face staring at me anymore! =P They are great for some nail art on your non-dominant hand, too.

I will definitely be using these again over a white base. I love how detailed and beautiful they are!

They have tons of other decals to choose from too!

Image from Born Pretty Store.
Image from Born Pretty Store.

Of course if you decide to go pick some of these up, or purchase anything else while you're there, use my coupon code ANL91 for 10% off your order! If ten people use that coupon code, Born Pretty Store will host a giveaway here for all of you! It only needs to be used two more times, so get to shopping! ;)

This product was sent to me for review from Born Pretty Store. All opinions are completely my own and entirely truthful.
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