Monday, April 8, 2013

Blush Nail Polish - 7 Color Set

My mom found this cute little set of polishes by a brand called Blush for around $5. Of course none of these colors are unique, but I needed to swatch them all, anyway! ^.^

All of these pictures except for the white and green had to be put in Photoshop so I could adjust the color! The bottle shot shows them all just fine, so it is a little weird they went wonky during their photo shoot on the nail. They all photographed perfectly if they were together, but not separately. 

Oddly, my phone was better to capture some of them than my camera, too. So there's a mix of both in here.

None of these have names, so I'll just call them by their colors. The formula on all of these, except for the green and blue, were pretty thick and a little difficult. None of them have topcoat, and they all turned out pretty smooth and shiny, besides the white, which bubbled like crazy!

To start off, the pink polish took two thick coats, but went on nice and smooth.

The orange also required two thick coats to reach opacity.

The yellow was a huge pain. It needed FIVE THICK coats! I really thought after the first two it would be fine, but I was wrong. I would have just stopped at three or four, but I wanted to see what it would take for full-coverage!

Mr. Green here was a good sport. He only wanted two kind of medium, average, not too thick, not to thin, coats, and just worked out wonderfully, minus one little bubble.

The blue one was also well-behaved. Three thin coats, and beautiful!

When it comes to application, the purple was one of the best! I only used ONE THIN coat for this swatch! It is a tad lumpy and streaky, but topcoat could have taken care of that just fine!

Although you can't tell too well, the white one was pretty bad. I do appreciate a white that is opaque after just two average, medium coats, it bubbled all over! At least 1-2 bubbles per nail. Since I ended with a white swatch and was planning on doing a design on top, I wasn't too worried about that, though! :)

These really aren't bad for the price, but they could all definitely use a drop or two of thinner!

Being so cheap, I actually expected them to be a lot worse! I figured I would have to use half the bottle just for one swatch! 

They are pretty small, but how many full bottles of polish have any of us actually ever finished anyway? Personally, I can only think of a couple handfuls.

When I first started to really get into polish and nail art, my first bigger brand polishes were the China Glaze Poolside collection because I had seen My Simple Little Pleasures on YouTube do two neon water marbles with them and fell in love. I used those in every manicure I did for months! So I have finished off those, along with China Glaze The Ten Man. 

I've also just recently had to replace Sally Hansen Blue Me Away! because that seems to be the blue I always grab when I'm doing a nail art that includes blue, and it was almost empty. 

I have also gone through two and a half bottles of Sally Hansen Diamonds. It's one of my all-time favorite glitter toppers!

There was one NOPI with pink hearts in it. I don't remember the name, but that one is all gone. Although, my mom played a hand in that. She bought and used half the bottle, gave it to me, and I finished it off. But we'll go ahead and just count that as one. What difference does half a bottle really make?

I have gone through a Sally Hansen Whirlwind White, an NYC French White, a Petites black, and one other black that I can't remember the name of. 

Other than frankening, which doesn't count because technically those aren't all gone, even if the bottle is empty, they are just now in a different polish, that's a whole fifteen bottles of polish I have emptied. Total. Ever. In the last two years. 15/450 polishes.

Geez... Tangent much?! Point is, I'm not that worried about the Blush bottle size, because I highly doubt they'll ever get all used up, anyway! Even if they do, it'll probably take a year or better! =P

Check back later today to see what I've added on top of the white! ^.^
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