Monday, April 1, 2013

Blue, Tan, and Brown Floral Water Marble

I tend to sit and practice water marble color combos for hours on end sometimes, just to see what would look good together, which polishes spread well, and which don't. In the midst of one these sittings, I came across a color combo that I fell in love with and immediately had to put it on my nails!

In these, the medium brown is Mahogany Magic from China Glaze, the blue is their Shower Together, and the tan is Zoya Avery.

I smudged them up quit a bit, but not bad enough to remove them. Instead, I later added a full nail of Mahogany Magic, and one of Shower Together.

I like it much better with the marbling on just a few nails! Plus, I absolutely hated the pinkie marble and wanted to cover it up!

This color combo is just too cute! I love it!
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