Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KBShimmer - Toucan Touch This

I don't often buy indies due to the hefty price tag, but I've always loved so many KBShimmer creations, that I finally gave in and placed an order for six beauties!

Toucan Touch This has been on my lemming list for quite some time, so I was pretty excited to get it!

Here I've shown two coats over Pure ICE Wild Thing. It is possible to reach opacity with 3-4 coats on it's own, but for the sake of saving polish, I wore some undies with it. Wild Thing is fairly close to the base color in TTT, and it is a whole $2, so it's not quite as precious.

This polish is packed full of large and medium teal, orange and yellow hex glitters, supplemented with some mostly orange and a few teal string glitters, and a bunch of teeny orange and teal bits.

I'm not a big fan of string/bar glitter, but it works so well in this! They're not over-abundant, but there are some in there.

How ridiculously pretty is that?! It is like a tropical paradise on my nails! I just love it!!

The teal/orange/yellow/lime combo reminds me of tropical flavored Skittles, so I think that is why this polish just screams "tropical" to me!

I did need two coats of Seche Vite topcoat to smooth everything out, but that is to be expected with so much glitter. Still none of them lifted or curled. Of course there is a slightly bumpy and uneven finish with so much glitter, but even without the topcoat, they all laid nice.

I cannot get over how much I love this polish! I am so glad I decided to splurge on it! Four of the other five I got are just as amazing, too! 

Not to mention the ridiculously fast shipping. I placed my order late at night on Wednesday and got the polishes the next Tuesday! Best indie shipping I have experienced thus far.

I will definitely be shopping KBShimmer again! $8.75 isn't too bad of a price. It is average for an indie and there are so many more I need!
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