Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rainbow, Holo, and Stars... Oh my!

What seems like a century ago, I asked for name suggestions on some of my frankens, and this one was included. I loved the name that Nail Reflections came up with best! So... today, I have for you (over a base of Zoya Savita) Dragon Puffs!

This is a squishy mix of a few different rainbow glitters, the Claire's holographic top coat (though it's hard to see, and gives no holo effect), some star glitters from Kleancolor, and I have no idea what other polishes because I am terrible and writing down my recipes!

I really wish this had turned out better. =( I had high hopes for it! But... I actually kind of hate it over the dark purple. It looked great when I tested it out on paper, but it just didn't translate well on to the nail.

Although it is color accurate, the color of the Dragon Puffs is completely lost! =( It's not entirely awful, but I don't absolutely love it either...

See what I mean? Savita just ruins it. Alas, I will keep searching for a great base color for this franken!

Thanks for stopping by! Buenos días. =)

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