Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fire Crack

Okay, crackle polish was amazing when it first came out; however, not only did that trend last way too long, but it quickly died for me. I think I have used crackle three times. Total. And I only own two of them...

Why do I hate crackles so much?

Well if you really wanna know...
1) They are never opaque, unless it is black, so the base color shows through (except I actually like the effect that gives on this look, it makes it all fiery, adding orange into the mix here and there).
2) They shrink your base color.
3) Half the time they don't crack right and leave huge spots of uncracked polish.
4) They're (or once were) WAY overused... Okay, I have seen blue crackle on green polish, and yellow on black. glitter on glitter, black over rainbow, and blah blah blah. They're just not that original. There are only so many looks you can achieve with a crackle. They're aren't diverse at all. They are kind of like magnetics (another polish I own a whole 2 of), I have seen the blue star, the swirl in brown, silver, black, red, magenta, purple and indigo. Horizontal stripes in green? Check. Vertical stripes in pink? Check. Diagonal stripes in gold? Check. Seen it all, not impressed anymore.

Anyway, I have never, to this day, had to deal with shrinkage... Until now. This is no fault of my own, either. I made sure I covered all of the white, because I knew it would stick out if I didn't. I waited until the yellow was dry to apply the crackle. But still it pulled my yellow base color in tons of places... -.- Regardless, for once, I actually really like this look, even though it uses a crackle.

For this, I used 1 coat of Sally Hansen Whirlwind White, then 1 of China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, 1 of Sally Hansen Cherry Smash, and a final coat of a topcoat.

Basically I got bored and was just playing around and decided to pick the red crackle and a blindingly bright color that didn't match it at all. I figured I never use crackle, so why not waste it and play around with ugly combos, but then I quite liked how this one turned out! =P It definitely tones down the neon yellow a lot!

How do you feel about crackles? Take 'em or leave 'em?

Buenos días. =)
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