Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Swatch Fest Day 4

Once again, my camera likes to screw things up and is trying to give this a gold look, when, in fact, it is green.

This one is 2 coats of Petites Daze. It is the only Petites polish I own. The other is their black, which, I believe is empty or nearly empty, and just waiting to be cleaned out and used for frankening. =P

Neither of these pictures are exactly color-accurate. The sun shot is close, but it is more of a cross between the two:


Inside, no flash

I really don't have a lot to say about this one... It is a beautiful yellow-green with yellow-green shimmer. It is rather sheer, but is pretty decent in two coats. If you're like me, that is, and visible nail line doesn't really bother you. With this polish, it doesn't. So I am okay with two coats. ^.^

After the first coat, I was thinking maybe I should have used a base color, but the second proved me wrong.

Over-looked and underrated, this is a pretty decent brand of polish that I may have to make more purchases from!

Do you have any polishes from Petites? What do you think of them?

Buenos días. =)
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