Saturday, May 26, 2012

Swatch Fest Day 7

It all started with a Color Club, so it might as well end with one, too.

I bought this one off of Jeanie from Midnight Manicures about 10 years ago. Or, ya know, whenever glitter sandwiches started getting big a while back. Same difference. Even though I absolutely hated them when they first began, I wanted this one specifically to do a glitter sandwich with. Alas, Sugar Sheer was placed in a drawer and is finally making her 3-coat appearance a year later.


Indirect sun


Just like Oh Naturale, this is one that is streaky when sheer, and must be worn to opacity to look decent.

And, just for the hell of it, since I didn't do one when I first got this polish, a glitter sandwich:

1 coat of Milani Gems and 1 of Sugar Sheer on top (sun)

And the verdict is?

...Yup! I still hate them! =P Okay so hate is a strong word, but I have seen very few glitter sandwiches that I actually like... and this combo... is a negative.

That's it for a week of swatches. I may have to try it again sometime, I quite enjoyed it! Or, maybe, since I do a million themed days here, I could add another one and do Swatches on Sundays or something like that. ^.^ What do you think? Would that be something you would be interested in? I could have a poll each week to see what you'd like for me to feature the following week.

Buenos días. =)
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