Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Really, I do like matte suede/velvet polishes... I just wish I loved them!

The one I have to show you today is Zoya's Savita.

I was testing different purples as a base color for one of my frankens, and liked this with it the best.

However, after I applied Savita, I decided it deserved it's own day of solo wear.

These first two pictures are ridiculously inaccurate! Savita has a pinkish purple shimmer to it. It's not silver at all. Plus, it has a lot more of a red tone rather than blue.


Inside, no flash

So then I thought I'd turn on a sunset filter on my camera to see if that would help redden the pictures.

Inside, no flash

This one is probably the most color-accurate. Though it doesn't hardly show the shimmer. However, when I went back to take pictures in the sun with this filter on...


The accuracy completely disappeared. Boo!

Overall, I am pretty much just happy that my camera showed this as a purple and not a blue. Usually I can't get any purple to come out whatsoever! Even on Zoya's website, their bottle shot of Savita is way too blue!

Regardless, ya know what I am really excited about from Zoya? The Beach & Surf collection! Specifically the Beach half! From swatches I have seen of the Surf half, I am just not a huge fan of the way they sparkle.

In fact, I snatched a bottle of Arizona, Reagan, and Wednesday the other day! So be looking for those soon, I can't wait to try them!! I liked Lara and Shelby, but I already have so many pinks I don't know what to do with them, and I never wear them! Tracie was the only one I couldn't fall in love with. It's the single polish from the Beach set that it's a creme. If it had been, she'd probably be another new addition to my collection! ^.^

Anyway, I'm done rambling. Thanks for stopping by! Buenos días. =)

P.S. Don't forget about Zoya's Share the Love promotion! If you click on any of the links in this post and create an account with Zoya, you will receive a free polish! On top of that, you can add an additional two polishes to your order and also receive free shipping! So get on it, share the love!! ^.^
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