Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wanna See My Melons?

After two coats of China Glaze Wicked Style, I was originally going to sprinkle on some loose glitter. But while I was looking for a good green, I accidentally dumped all of my mini bottles on the floor and happened to stumble on this little, nameless Sally Girl gem from Sally Beauty. It is similar to the loose glitter I was going to use, but the loose glitter is bigger and has more of a blue flash to it. The mini polish matches Wicked Style so perfectly, so I went with it, instead.

As well, I did use Robin Moses' video on watermelon nails as inspiration for putting the rind in different positions on each nail.

Indirect sun:


For this mani, I used China Glaze Wicked Style. The rind is China Glaze Holly-Day, with a mix of white and green acrylic paint and a little bit of large, dark green, loose glitter. And the seeds are just odd-shaped black rhinestones.

I had actually been putting off doing watermelon nails for a while, but I don't know why, I love how these turned out!!

Have you done any summer fruit nails?

Buenos días. =)
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