Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Swatch Fest Day 3

Before you gasp and say omg you're wearing red!? Who knew you even owned that color?!, hear me out...

I DIDN'T KNOW that I owned this polish! I rarely wear the few NYC polishes that I have, so I guess I've just always passed this over without giving it a second thought.

I have no idea when I bought it. Or why. I'm guessing sometime in December, specificly for holiday manis. Dunno.

I really am not sure exactly why I despise red polish so much. It could be for multiple reasons:
A) I think it makes my hands look 20 years older than I am,
B) They're always hideous and have a nasty orange look to them (don't get me wrong, I love tomatoes... on salad, plain with salt, etc., but not in polish form),
C) Red polish, for a manicurist, is equal to, if not more of a staple than "the little black dress" (of which I don't own, and could care less to. I think the whole idea of it is ridiculous and it annoys me),
D) To me, it is just too "ladies paint their nails red and always curtsy when welcoming guests into their home" for me, or
E) All of the above.

I'm gonna go with E. Definitely.

Anyway... The pictures are deceiving. The sun shots are the least color-accurate, strangely. It looks a little tomatoey in them, but I promise it isn't.




Flash... Getting more accurate

Shade - Even better!

Oh boy! Where do I begin? I may have to retract my previous statement...

I LOVE this polish! For one, it tried very hard to be opaque in one coat, which I always appreciate. It has a gorgeous shine without any top coat. Doesn't dry too slow. Of course all reds stain, but this -dare I say it- is one beautiful red polish!

Who knew I could ever rave so about, of all things, a red nail polish?!

Do you have a red that you absolutely adore? Buenos días. =)
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