Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Boys and girls of every age; Wouldn't you like to see something strange?!

So ya know that giveaway I am having that ends in 4 days?? Well, included in the prizes of said giveaway is a set of three adorable little polishes from Disney that are in bottles shaped like Jack Skellington's (from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas) head.

Of course, I bought a set of these for myself as well, because they're just too adorable to pass up, and I am going to show them to you today.

Now... There are some pros and cons with these polishes, as with any polish... For one, even the bottoms of the bottles are rounded and they have a very difficult time standing up, however; the polish does not easily spill out while you're working with them if they're on their side. They're not super thin, but they're still really easy to work with. Plus, on the red one, while I was in the process of painting my thumb, the brush pulled out of the cap. I got it back in, though, and the mess wiped off my fingers with a paper towel and no need for acetone. Furthermore, these polishes dry almost immediately!! They do dry quite a bit darker than they appear in liquid form, though. But they are unexpectedly pretty nice and shiny all on their own! The brushes aren't terrible to work with, but they barely hold the right amount of polish to paint the length of my short nails in one dip. In fact, my thumb required two.

Anyway... When it comes to the actual color of these polishes, they both have a really pretty shimmer to them. I am admittedly not a fan of red polish, but I love this one because it is not a tomatoey red. It has more of a blue undertone than orange, so if I have to own a red polish, it's the best kind of red to have! ^.^ With the grey... I love all grey polishes, so I have no complaints about it! This one almost has a hint of green to it, too.

None of these have names, but I used the grey one, with the red as an accent nail. I saw this funky circle design using straws a century ago on The Daily Nail, and have been wanting to try that out, so that's what I did on top, with all three colors. Basically you dip a regular drinking straw into polish and stamp circles/semi-circles all over your nail. Then I threw on a few rhinestones just for fun. I haven't had a mani with rhinestones in quite a while, so why not?!

That's all I have for today! Buenos días. =)
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