Thursday, May 17, 2012

Everyone else is doing it, so I might as well jump on the bandwagon, too!

I'm talking about the fish egg nails. Or caviar nails. Whichever you prefer to call them. I am sure someone somewhere has decided to make some ridiculous distinction between the two, but I just don't really care... These nails have been popping up everywhere, and while I only have silver and gold bullion/micro (again, whatever you prefer to call them) beads, I wanted to give it a shot anyway... I put them over a base of China Glaze Aquadelic.


I will never do these nails again as long as I live. It took me about an hour just to do my pinkie. Hence the reason I didn't do all of my nails. Even if I absolutely loved how these looked, it still isn't worth the effort.

I have some advice for anyone who has never done these nails but may have been thinking about doing them... DON'T!! Seriously.

The beads stayed on fine for me, but I started my nails at about 7:30 and wasn't done until close to 10, including base coat, topcoat and everything. While I did the pointer finger, I was playing Wii golf with my dad and husband, so it wasn't too bad. Take your turn, add a few dozen beads, shoot again, and so forth. So it wasn't horrific, but it is just not something I would like to willingly sit through again. =P

I am sure there is any easier way to accomplish these nails, but I didn't want to put on topcoat and then dip my finger into the beads and have 3 thick layers with bald areas to try and fill in, then knock off the extra ones all over the place and waste half of them. I just added a tiny area of topcoat, then used a dotter to add half a dozen beads or so, and kept doing it that way so I would have one even coat of beads, and I could keep gaps filled and the tip straight along the way.

I also found that thin topcoats work best. I actually used the Beauty Secrets base coat to stick the beads on, and then another thick coat of it on top, and you can't tell there's anything on top of them. That's one thing I wanted to avoid: I didn't want it to look like I obviously had put a huge, thick layer of topcoat over them, loosing their texture. Plus, when I tested them on a paper plate with different topcoats, the Beauty Secrets base coat seemed to make them the shiniest and didn't make them bleed.

Anyway, on to this much-discussed, over-rated nightmare!

See what I mean?! I would not file this as a "fail", but I would like to start a whole new category to put this under: the "OMG I wish I could have that 3 hours of my life back!" folder.

They're alright, but not life changing.

Have you tried out this fad? What did you think of it? Buenos dias. =)
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