Monday, May 14, 2012

Loves Me Not

The name of this polish fits it so very well... Today, I have a misleading little beauty to show you.

See that lovely, color-shifting glitter in there?!

...Too bad


Hmm... Let's try it in the sun...





Nothing! Not even blurred! Boo! How dare you, Sally Hansen!

I do love the depth in this polish. Plus, for a purple, it photographs color-accurately. So that is impressive. I will wear it again because it is so gorgeous; however, I was very disappointed in the way it translated to the nail, regardless of how great it is without the fun, shifty, beauty that the bottle promises!

This is why I say that name fits this polish very well, because, Ms. Sally Hansen Loves Me Not... I, in fact, love you not for being so misleading!

I even tried shaking the polish forever, I tried sponging it on instead. Nada. All purple. Oh well, I suppose I can live with it, since it is such a beautiful gem. I tend to shy away from all purples since they don't photograph correctly, but I took a shot with this one. While I am disappointed in it, I still say it's a keeper.

Have you tried this particular color, or one that was entirely misleading and didn't transfer to the nail the way you had expected?

Buenos días. =)
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