Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kleancolor Neon Pink + Sally Hansen Diamonds

Considering the bottle makes this polish look all wonky and separated, it applies solid. In fact, all of the Kleancolor neon polishes I have look like this and I have no idea why. I can shake them like crazy, and it does no good. I suppose as long as they go on like they should, though, it is alright.

This one is Neon Pink. Such an original name. 

I layered a couple of coats of Sally Hansen Diamonds on top. This is one of my all-time favorite glitter topcoats! I have gone through, I believe, 3 bottles, and am due for another soon!

It just glows so beautifully! I love it!

Poor, goopy old polish! :( On a happier note, I'll have a new franken bottle once it runs completely out, so that's exciting! ^.^
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