Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Born Pretty Store - Stamping Plate QA5 Review

As well as the polish and studs I showed you yesterday, I was given a stamping plate from Born Pretty Store to review. The one I picked has bows, skulls, and anchors. I don't have a decent bow stamp, and I love the adorable skulls and crossbones! It retails for $2.99 USD but is currently on sale for $1.99, which, when it comes to stamping plates, is an absolute steal!

As is typical with stamping plates, it comes with a blue film over the top. Theirs had one on the back, too, and both peeled off complete and clean! These do not have the paper backing like Konad or Bundle Monster; however, that does no bother me because I glue non-slip rubber mat material to all of mine anyway!

Initially, the images felt like they were engraved fairly deep, so even though they are not super detailed, they seemed like they would fair pretty well!

I love that the bows each have two different sizes. Rather than being stuck with just one, it is more versatile.

Since there are 15 images on the plate, there was no way I could fit them all into one mani. Usually plates only have 6 or 8 images, on average, so I love that you get more for your dollar with this plate!

On to the manis! Since I couldn't fit all of the images in one design, I did multiple looks.

For the first look, I stamped on top of L.A. Girl Matte Sky Blue with black and white stamping polish and a red franken. I smudged a few of the stamps, but otherwise, they worked pretty well!

For the second look, I used a base of China Glaze Silky Swank on the middle two nails, a snowman glitter topcoat on the pointer, and Zoya Dita on the pinkie. I stamped with various pinks and purples. Some were not very opaque, and I forgot about the Jessica topcoat streaking stamped manis really bad until after I applied it, but all of the images came out pretty well. It stared snowing in the middle of the day and I didn't have a lot of sun when I tried to photograph this one. :\

I kept the third and final mani pretty simple. I used a base of China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic and Dance Baby, then stamped the eye patch image and added a little mouth. I used a different clear coat on these nails, and it started shrinking and shriveling the polish on my ring finger! -.-

Overall, I am really happy with the performance of  this plate! I didn't miss big chunks of the images for the most part, they transferred clean and solid! Image sizes are great, too!

And again, I have a coupon code for you to use. ANL91 will get you 10% off your order on their website! :)

This product was sent to me for review from Born Pretty Store. I received no compensation. All opinions are both completely true and entirely my own.
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