Friday, January 11, 2013

Spotted Rainbow Gradient

I recently learned a fun new water marbling sort of technique and couldn't wait to try it out over my rainbow gradient nails!

The original look calls for black polish on top, but I could not get any of mine to cooperate, plus I'd left purple out of my gradient, so I opted to use SXY's Violet Vixen instead!

You can tell I got better with progression, because the pinkie was the last nail I did, and it looks the best. I definitely need more practice with this technique, but I love how you can pretty much make any color look similar to OPI's Spotted with it!

Paint your nails however you'd like, then drop a few drops of a black (or any) polish in a cup of water as you would with marbling, but instead, spray it with hand sanitizer. I just put regular sanitizer in an old body mist bottle and it worked just fine. This creates the holes in the polish. Dip your finger in and you're done!

Here is the video tutorial from cutepolish on YouTube that I followed to get this look:

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