Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December Favorites

Since I participated in a nail art challenge in December, I had tons of manis to choose from for my favorites. It actually wasn't nearly as difficult to narrow them down as I anticipated it would be!

I so raved about this polish! I love it. It is easily one of my favorite blues ever, so of course it had to make it into the top picks this month!

I was unable to come up with an original name for this one... so sue me. Idc, I loved how these turned out! I couldn't get over how adorable that little snowman was!

I actually just went into these messing around and they ended up being a thick, goopy mess, but I still loved how they came out!

1. Galaxy Nails (from Day 21 of the December challenge)
It is obvious these would be my all-time favorite from December! I am just so proud of how well they turned out! One of the best manis I have done to date, in my opinion! And, believe it or not, I did no cleanup on these nails. Also one of the most precise paint application jobs I have ever done, too! I'm not one who likes to spend a lot of cleanup time, so usually if it looks mostly alright, I don't have to have a super perfect line at the cuticle, and I skip cleanup anyway.

Now on to my favorite looks from other bloggers from the month of December. These ones are in no particular order, I love them all!

The first design comes from Polish Me, Please. Nicole created these as part of her nail art challenge. Pink Floyd's album The Wall is one that I listened to religiously in high school, and I love her recreation of the album cover!

Maria from Maria's Nail Art and Polish Blog created these nails just practicing with striping tape and I really love how they turned out!

Frosso created some simple but super adorable Christmas-themed nails this month that I loved! They are just too adorable! I wish I'd had time to recreate them!

So what are your favorites from December? There have been so many, it was hard to narrow it down!

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