Sunday, January 20, 2013


I have a non nail related post to share with you. I was contacted by an eyeglass company called Firmoo to show and tell about a pair of their glasses.

First, I want to give you a summarized introduction of the company: Firmoo is the world's most popular online eyeglasses store, committed to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices. There is no inbetween man when working with Firmoo because they buy their supplies directly from the manufacturer, so they can offer their products at great prices, plus they are online so there are no overhead expenses. If you're interested, you can read more in the About Us section of the website (here).

I was already impressed with Firmoo when I received their package, because I was very surprised to not only get glasses, but a cloth to clean them with, a hard glasses case, a drawstring bag (it is very soft and durable but I can't figure out what the material is), extra screws, and a nifty key chain tool that twists off on either end to reveal both a flat and a Phillips screwdriver. 

On top of that, it only took them 4 business days to arrive! So their shipping time is wonderful, too!

The last pair of glasses I got from my eye doctor are rectangular shape, and I like them a lot, so that's what I went with for these. It took me forever to decide, but I finally settled on this red, orange, and yellow pair

Firmoo offers both prescription and non-prescription glasses. I went with prescription ones and they are wonderful! They weren't too strong or too weak. The lenses are crystal clear. I've actually been wearing them for just under a week. I have pretty much replaced my old glasses with these, and I like them a lot better.

With my $200 glasses from the eye doctor, the lens was too curved and stuck out from the frame some, and little bits of dust or whatever would get stuck between the lens and frame constantly! I love how these lenses sit in the frames and don't stick out at all. It is much easier to keep them clean and they look a lot nicer.

These particular frames are plastic, which I prefer. I am hard on glasses and wire frames never worked for me. They bend too easily and then they are impossible to get back into shape. The plastic on these are nice and thick and durable, but bend just enough as not to snap.

So are you ready for this? Unless you follow me somewhere other than Blogger, you've never seen my face before! ^.^

At first I was a little worried that these glasses were too big, but I am liking the lens size.

Bonus picture: I apparently was unable to take pictures of myself, I needed help from my mother-in-law's sink dweller...

I feel the need to caption this "if it fits, I sits" because chubby there takes up the entire sink! I think he was just mad at me for turning the light on and interrupting his nap. =P

Anyway, Firmoo has a First Pair Free program through which you can order your first pair of prescription or non-prescription glasses for free, save for shipping. They have tons of different styles and colors to choose from! For instance:

And that's only six!

They also have a virtual try-on to get a better idea of how the glasses would look on you, but I do not have a webcam on the desktop I used when I ordered mine, so I was unable to get a picture.

If you have any questions or concerns, just check out their help page (here)!

Thanks for sticking through this lengthy review! I'll have another polish to show you later this evening! Until then, everyone have a wonderful afternoon and enjoy your new glasses! :)

This product was sent to me for review from Firmoo. I received no compensation. All opinions are both completely true and entirely my own.
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