Thursday, January 10, 2013

SXY - Violet Vixen

Now, I do appreciate the attempt here of letting you know what the color probably is with the polish's name... I showed you Seductive Berry yesterday. It is a berry color. Simple enough. This one, while still a really pretty purple, is not violet!

I realize they're going for amusing alliteration (see what I did there ^.^) with the name, but that's like naming a hot pink polish "Riveting Red" (that isn't a real example, I can't actually think of one, so I had to use my imagination) or something!

Anyway, here is the second polish I picked up from SXY by Unforgettable Moments. It is Violet Vixen.

See? Not violet. -.-

This one, like Seductive Berry, wanted to be streaky, and took 3 coats, but retained a beautiful shine of its own!

Plus, that picture... Very close to color-accurate! How often does that happen!? It is one of the biggest reasons I shy away from purple polishes, and the main reason I almost left this one on the shelf! I'm glad I brought this beauty home with me, though, it is a really gorgeous plum!

In fact, that's a word they should have included in the name instead of violet

Perfect Plum, Plum-licious, Pretty Purple Plum, or even Plush Plum. Whateva! I got a ton of 'em! Anything but violet!! =P

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