Sunday, January 6, 2013

Snowman Polish - Banana Scented Yellow

I have one other banana-scented polish that was an accidental find at Sally's, and I absolutely loved it! So I was pretty ecstatic when my mom found this one at a craft show for me!

While this one was very unruly, it smelled so yummy, and it is such a bright, beautiful yellow (which says a lot, because I am not a big fan of yellow polishes at all)!!

It took 4 thick coats to make everything even and solid, and it still wasn't entirely smooth. The formula was thick, but it smells like banana, and it is in one of the cutest bottles! So it's alright! ^.^ Plus the cap is an ice cream cone. I've never seen snowmen polishes with something other than the black top hat cap, so I love it even more!

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