Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cleaning up Manicures

Doing my rainbow gradient nails gave me this idea. Even if you surround the nail with petroleum jelly, or use tape, some cleanup is still always required with gradients. I figured showing you the way I clean up around the edges of a messy mani would be a good thing to share and may be helpful to someone.

I used to use the pointed, precision cotton swabs, but the only store I have found that carried them quit selling them a few months ago. I tried pulling some of the cotton off a regular bulb, but couldn't ever get that to work out very well. Brushes have never worked for me, either. So, instead, I switched to this technique. It works much better and gives you a much finer point for cleaner removal and a thinner gap at the cuticle!

Using a tooth pick or orange wood stick, pull a bit of fluff from a cotton ball. Squeeze the tip of the tooth pick between your index finger and thumb, then roll it between your fingers, moving them downward. Super simple and it works great!

What's your favorite way to clean up a manicure?
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