Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Favorites

This brand was a new find for me, and I ended up really liking the two I picked up at Payless! I'll definitely be getting more!

2. Spotted Rainbow Gradient
I love this technique. I need a little more practice with it, but I love the effect. It is almost like the coveted OPI Spotted, only not quite as simple, and you're not limited to one color.

Apparently I just had a thing for making multi-colored designs this month. This one was definitely my favorite, though!

Now my favorites from other bloggers in January:

This month, all of my favorites came from Heather of Peace, Love & Polish! If you're not following her yet, you should be, she is crazy talented and I love her creations!

First up, her 31 Day Challenge Texture nails. I just love the use of all different sizes of pearls!

I love love rainbow nails, and Heather's colorful trees definitely did not disappoint! They are beautiful!

Lastly, her Color Opposites challenge nails, and probably my favorite of the three:

Now normally, I would be fair and feature three different bloggers, but when it took me almost an hour just to narrow it down to these three that I wanted to use from Heather, I decided to stick with them! And even that was really difficult! I just love her nail art! I wish I was half as talented as she is!

Seriously. Peer pressure here. Go over to Peace, Love & Polish. You will not be disappointed!

I can't to see what February brings! :)
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