Thursday, January 10, 2013

SXY - Seductive Berry

Made a trip to Payless a while back... It is pretty amusing that I have been in that store I believe a whole 3 times in the half a dozen years or better that it has been open, and never once made a shoe purchase. I did, however, discover another line of polish I haven't tried they started carrying since the last time I was there. Of course, since it was on sale, I had to pick up a couple to try out!

The first one I decided on is Seductive Berry from SXY by Unforgettable Moments; a pretty, berry creme color. It took 3 coats, but each was smooth, easy, and it dried pretty quick, too! I am not a huge fan of red polishes, but this one leans very pink and is just beautiful and so yummy-looking in person!

From what I have experienced with this brand thus far, there were 3 others I was eyeing while I was there and wanted to get, so I may just have to go back and pick them up, too, if they're as nice as this one! Plus, I love that there is so much product in these bottles!

They were originally $4 but I got them for $2.50 each, and they're .51 fl oz. A lot more than average bottles! 

This one wanted to be a little streaky, but it shines so wonderfully without topcoat!
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