Saturday, September 19, 2015

Savvy Naturalista: Mani Mochi Scrub Bars

I received some exfoliating scrub bars from Savvy Naturalista for review. These are a pretty neat product! I've never seen a scrub in bar form, and I've been loving these!

I was sent three different scents:

The Sirens Drink
This one smells really sweet, but it is hard to describe. It smells fantastic and I love it, but I can't tell exactly what the smell is besides sugary goodness!

Cake Batter Face
This one has a sweet, semi-vanilla smell to it. Another delicious nose pleaser!

Girls Night Out
This is another one that is hard to describe. It has a sweet, almost perfumey smell to it. It too smells absolutely fantastic! Plus it is in pumpkin form.... adorable!

These bars are nice and tightly compact so they don't crumble easily and aren't necessarily fragile, yet they're still a soft texture and deposit enough product on the skin while using them. 

To use the scrub, I lightly wet the bar and rub it all over my hands and cuticles to remove dry skin, then rinse my hands and pat them dry. There isn't a ton of moisture left over after using the bars. They are fairly dry in comparison to jar scrubs, but do still give a touch of moisture, and leave my skin feeling so soft and deliciously (lightly) fragrant!

Before use:

After one use:

I've found that placing the bar on a soap tray to dry for a few hours, then flipping it over to dry from the other side is best; then only using it again once it is at least mostly dry on the outside. If I didn't flip the bar mid-dry, it got gummy and sticky on the bottom, and didn't scrub well on the next use since the outer layer has partial dissolved particles.

In two weeks of using the scrub every couple of days, I've gotten seven uses from one bar so far, and still have about 1/3 of the first one left. Just a small amount goes a long way!

Mani Mochi scrubs will be released October 9th!

*Mani Mochis sent for free, for my honest review.*
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