Monday, September 21, 2015

Chloe Meranda: Natural Skin Care Review

I was sent a few products to try out from Chloe Meranda. Her shop is opening tomorrow, so I thought I'd give my thoughts today on the four items I received.

First we'll talk about her scrub. I love that it is on the opposite end of the spectrum as most other scrubs - it isn't some form of white! But it smells like a freshly opened can of ground coffee. I haven't decided yet if I like that about it or not. I'm don't drink coffee, but I can tolerate the smell to an extent (plus I can cover up any after-scent with balms and lotions). I do like the texture of it, though. It is pasty with a wet sand consistency. You get the perfect amount of moisture left after use too!

I followed up with cuticle balm after the scrub. The balm has almost a spicy scent to it like it may have a hint of rosemary in there. The balm is hard but melts and sinks in well/quickly. It is a pretty typical consistency, a buttery wax with just a little oil, so it does a good job sealing the moisture in.

Up next, the lip scrub. Surprisingly, this was my favorite product that she sent! I almost never use lip scrubs, but I always love them so much when I do! Chloe's smells heavenly and heavily of vanilla extract. It is so sugary and sweet, and tastes yummy too! There's a great amount of moisture left over after wiping the scrub off, and just a tiny bit goes a long way. It feels a bit coarse, but not too bad. I absolutely love this stuff! It is wetter and oilier than the hand scrub, but not so fluid that it is runny. I will definitely be using this up until the last bit!

And finally, her lip balm. I prefer this one over the cuticle balm just because it smells a lot better to me. I love fruity and sweet scents, anyway. This one is scented lightly of vanilla extract and it looks like there's some cinnamon sunk to the bottom of the jar. The balm is smooth; you don't get a ton of product with one swirl of the finger across the surface, but it isn't so hard that you get nothing, it just takes two or three applications and you have to let your finger warm the balm up a little to be able to lift any product from the jar. Unfortunately there was no flavor to the balm, but that doesn't bother me personally. I'm fine either way, as long as it smells yummy!

Overall, I definitely feel comfortable recommending these products. Being natural without any added chemicals of any kind is a great plus too! Chloe's shop can be found here.

*Products sent free for me to try, but all opinions remain 100% truthful and my own.*
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