Monday, September 21, 2015

Reciprocal Gradient Raindrops featuring You Polish Vinyls: Mommy's Mani Monday

For the Mommy's Mani Monday group theme this week, we are doing nails inspired by our favorite sport or hobby. Since I am not a sports enthusiast (seriously, I don't even know how field goals work.... that's a thing right? When they kick the ball between the big, tall, vaguely Y-shaped thing? Or is that a soccer term? Anyway....) I chose a hobby as my theme.

For said "hobby" mani, I picked gardening. What do gardens need more than anything to thrive? Good ole H2O of course!

I started with a base gradient of Dermelect Fearless (darker blue at the cuticles) and Parrot Polish Linckia. I put a raindrop print vinyl down that You Polish sent me to try out, and sponged a reverse gradient over the stencil. I absolutely love how this design turned out, and I even got a bunch of compliments at work (the best feeling ever for a nail artist)!

And they look pretty cool when they glow in the dark too!

Just a few quick little notes on the vinyls: they were large enough I was able to cut them down and only used two vinyls for five nails. They stuck really well and I had no polish leak underneath! They're thin and flexible too, so they're easy to use! I'm impressed with them, they're fantastic!

Quick demo showing how I got this look:

As always, don't forget to check out the #MommysManiMonday hashtag or @MommysManiMondayGroup on Instagram to see what all the other mamas did today!

*Vinyls sent free, opinions remain truthful and entirely my own.*
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