Friday, September 18, 2015

Anonymous Lacquer: The Brotherhood Series - Fall 2015 Collection Swatches

Today I have swatches of the new all-holo fall collection from Anonymous Lacquer! This collection is called The Brotherhood Series and is inspired by my second favorite thing - vampires! A series of vamp novels, in fact. I've never read the series, but I may need to since I love all things vampire!

First up is a cool eggplant with linear holo and little something extra: a sprinkling of pink to green shifting flakes! I needed two coats for opacity and the formula was perfectly smooth! It has got such an intense holo, and is absolutely gorgeous!

Omega was nearly a one-coater! I did two to cover a couple of minor bald spots where I'd been a little too heavy-handed with the brush. The holo is strong, but it is still very black. The formula was smooth and easy!

Because I became curious myself, how does this compare to the famous Color Club Beyond black holo from the Halo Hues line? Omega is much blacker and nearly just as holo, whereas I don't even consider Beyond to be a true black! Unfortunately my camera made all the holo sparkle look more silver, but it shines a beautiful rainbow in person!

Scribe Virgin
A grey-toned white holo with a fuchsia pink flash of shimmer. This one dries semi-matte and very fast! I didn't add any topcoat in my swatches.

This polish likes to stick to itself so I had to do slightly thicker coats than normal and float the polish over the nail to avoid making it pull at the previous layer. I needed three coats for opacity. Considering it is a white, I really can't complain about the formula, and it did go on smoothly!

Scribe Virgin is pretty unique with the pink shimmer shining between the linear holo and looks so much prettier in person!

Holy holo hell! Wrath really lives up to its name! It is a rich, berry red with a strong linear holo. Normally I'm not the biggest fan of red polish, but this one is nothing short of a stunner! It leans brick red and I love that about it as I don't quite enjoy the tomatoey reds as much!

Wrath was very thin but so highly pigmented! Plus it dried almost instantly! As soon as I finished the fourth nail, the first was dry! It covers in one single coat! I did do two to deepen the color, though. I can't say a single bad thing about this polish. Mill killed it!

Black Dagger
This polish can be used in two ways. I've shown it first as a glitter topper, one coat over Scribe Virgin, then again at three coats on its own.

The glitter is not super fine, but it isn't a chunky glitter either. Packed in a clear base, there are a couple different sizes of micro glitter in what looks to me like silver, grey, and holo silver. The holo is scattered but gives a bit of a liner holo look as well. The base dries down and sinks below the glitter so topcoat is definitely needed to smooth this baby out, but it isn't topcoat greedy.

Overall, I really like this collection! It is perfect for the season - full of dark and dusty shades that are still beautifully blingy and most of them have outstanding formulas!

I also want to note I've been using Anonymous Lacquer's Jojoba oil for happy cuticles.

The dropper bottle is her new packaging for the oil and I have been enjoying it. I prefer droppers for oil anyway, so it is even more convenient to not have the dropper in the lid, but as the actual bottle instead!

*The Brotherhood Series collection was sent to me free for swatching purposes; however, all opinions remain truthful.*
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