Thursday, September 3, 2015

Wood Watch Inspired Nails in Burgundy and Holo

I was recently contacted by a representative from Jord Watches and asked to review one of their wood wristwatches. I thought it over for a while, and decided it could be a fun, unique feature to do matching nail art inspired by their Purpleheart & Mother of Pearl watch!

I was inspired by the gorgeous coloring of the wood for my manicure, and the square diamonds on the face of the watch. I played off those aspects for this fun, simple look.

I want to quickly note the crack in the wood near 6:00 on the watch because I want to touch on how great the customer service at Jord was! In less than a week, they replaced the entire watch for me at no cost. Communication was above and beyond, I was emailed every step of the way and informed of the returns process and replacement process thoroughly. They let me know when they received the cracked watch, turn-around time was less than 48 hours and they again let me know both that they were replacing it, and when it was shipped. Even though it was just a press sample collaboration, so they didn't even have to replace or repair what they had sent me, they did anyway, so I feel very confident in being able to recommend this company based on both product and service!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the time to get any pictures of the new watch, but it arrived in perfect condition and looks flawless!

Now of course we have to talk nails too! For my matching mani, I used NYC Wine Bar, accented with square silver studs, plus a couple coats of Revlon Holographic Pearls on my index nail to replicate that awesome sparkle in the diamonds.

I debated actually replicating burgundy wood on my nails, but was afraid it would turn out looking horrible and nothing like wood! What do you think, should I give it a shot?

Thanks for stopping by!
*Press Sample*
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