Sunday, September 27, 2015

Anonymous Lacquer: Cuticle Care

Let's touch on cuticle care while indulging in the day of rest! I'm featuring a couple of products from Anonymous Lacquer today.

First up, her jojoba cuticle oil. Newly packaged in a handy dropper bottle, it is a perfect purse-and-go oil! Droppers are one of my favorite cuticle oil dispensers, and I absolutely love this one being directly a part of the bottle! Better amount control, easy one-handed use, no cap to dip back in and potentially get oil all over the rim, making a slippery mess of the bottle.

I really don't have any dislikes when it comes to the oil. I would prefer a fruity or sweet scent as it does have a more harsh, spicy sort of smell to it now, and my nose is a lover of strawberries, blueberries, lemons, grapes, and so on! It doesn't smell bad, don't get me wrong. And it definitely works well! Absorbs nicely and offers great lasting moisture!

Happy cuticles! :)

So you're all softened up, pushed back, and polished. Now you just need to clean up the edges of your fresh mani for some crisp lines.

Anonymous Lacquer sent me two of her cleanup brushes to try out and compare. Plus she painted them with Under the Blue Hour and Magik from her Rainbow Brights collection for me! ^.^ Eeek holo cleanup brushes!!

Of the two, I personally prefer the shorter square brush. Both are very small so they're great for cleanup, but the round brush has longer bristles and is very flexible. It covers more area, so it is great to get excess polish off my skin around the nail, but I love the square brush for close cleanup. It gives a smaller cuticle gap, and I feel like I have better control since the bristles are shorter. For about a month now, I've completely abandoned my e.l.f. brush and have been solely using Anonymous Lacquer's short square brush. It does a great job of really getting into all of the crevasses!

I've had absolutely zero issue with bristles falling out, and acetone hasn't been destroying them the way it does an e.l.f. brush! I just have to make sure not to get any remover on the pretty handles so they don't get ruined!

Anonymous Lacquer also has a currently unreleased base coat and topcoat that I've been trying out. I'll report back on those in the near future!
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