Thursday, September 10, 2015

Barielle: Hot Chic - Fall 2015 Collection Swatches

Sheer Nonsense
Despite the name, this one is not at all sheer! It had a perfectly perfect application and formula. Very smooth, two-coat coverage, a semi-gloss creme finish, and a fast dry time. 

Barielle calls this one "a creamy, pale sand with pink tones". I don't completely disagree, but I would call it a nice taupe with hints of rose and lavender in the pigment. I see nothing sandy about this color, but I do still love it!

Orange U Jealous
I was most excited about this polish of the whole collection. They call it "a burnt orange with gold shimmer" and I love odd colors like burnt orange! The gold sparkle it is packed with makes it just absolutely gorgeous! I did my coats of this one a little thicker than normal because the formula seemed a little.... drier? If that makes sense. It wasn't thick, hard to apply, or anything like that, but with all that shimmer it seemed to really stick to itself and where it was put on the nail, so I needed a little extra polish per nail to get a nice, smooth, and even application. Still I only needed two coats for complete coverage and it dried with a pretty average dry time, maybe a tad slower than normal since I needed thicker coats.

It had a semi-gloss finish and no glitter roughness at all! The shimmer is much more apparent in the bottle since it sticks to the sides of the glass, and I do wish the polish looked more on the nail like it does in the bottle, but it is still a beautiful one!

Harley D
Barielle calls this one "an iridescent brown with shimmer". Well that explains a lot. Also, what is an iridescent brown? I can't comprehend that color. To me, this polish is fall in a bottle! A rich brown packed with golden chocolate shimmer! Oddly enough for being a dark color, I needed three coats to build this one up, as it was thin and patchy in the beginning. It dried quickly and to the same semi-gloss finish as the others.

I didn't think I'd really like this one, but oooh is it gorgeous! Apply with caution though, it flooded my cuticles horribly if I tried to put it on too thick!

Born 2 B Naughty
I despise the name of this polish. If you're not telling a child that Santa is watching them and will know if they're naughty or nice, then naughty is not the appropriate word for your statement. Some big company sexualized and mass-produced the word on everything in 1999. Cheap cotton shorts with the word "naughty" across the butt and a "Baby Gurl" belly shirt. No. Stop it. The name of this polish is too 90's white trash for me. The Backstreet Boys craze is over, stop putting numbers in the names of things and short-handing single letters in titles. Maybe since this is a wintery/Christmas green color, "naughty" is kind of appropriate, but that is pushing it, and there is still absolutely no reason to take a single letter out of "be". I just cannot handle so much grammatically incorrect nonsense at once.

Born to be Wicked. That's my new name for this polish and I refuse to address it by it's given title. End rant. Let's discuss the formula.

Besides taking a perfectly pretty and sophisticated Evergreen color and giving it such a degrading name, I love this color! As you can imagine, it is a terrible stainer! But the color is so rich and pigmented, yet thin and fluid! Two coats for coverage but it easily pooled in my cuticles if I got too much polish on the brush. Therefore it was essential that I applied very thin coats, which in turn made it dry quickly! Plus it has a great, high-gloss creme finish. Barielle calls is "a creamy winter green with blue tint". I see it being more of a forest green than a blue-tinted-green a.k.a. teal though.

Secret Desire
Secret Desire was my least favorite in the collection solely because of personal taste. I just don't love purple polishes the way a lot of people do. It is a deep plum and where the light hits the shimmer, it looks like more of grapey purple. Don't get me wrong, it is really pretty! I just feel like every polish company has done this lacquer once before, and all the drugstore brands twice. 

There is nothing bad about it. It is thin, smooth, dried pretty quick, two coats for coverage, glossy. Just not my flavor. And of course, as always, it photographed way too blue, so I had to adjust the coloring the best I could.

Overall, this was a pretty, diverse collection. Not a horrible formula in sight, and despite some of the polish names, I'm a fan!

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