Thursday, August 22, 2013

Zoya - Blu

When Zoya offered their limited edition Color Cuties mini polishes, I had to have one of each! Many of my Zoya lemmings were included, and I rarely finish full-sized bottles. Plus, even though I already had a few of them in the full size, they are just to teeny and cute to not need the entire set! I love me some Zoya, so I'm totally okay with owning backups of them, anyway!

One of the Color Cuties was Blu. I had eyed this one, but since it's not super unique, I never rushed to get it. It is a really pretty baby blue, though. The formula was decent. It was a tad patchy and dragged a little at first, like most pastels, but went on smooth, and covered completely in two coats.

I love how soft, light and airy this color is! It's a perfect Spring polish!
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