Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Born Pretty Store - Holo Polish Review + Comparison

One of the newest, popular items at Born Pretty Store is their holo polish. Today, I have one to show you! The one I received is blue, it is #8 (of 12). These polishes normally run $12.88 USD, but are on sale for $5.59, for a 6ml/0.2 fl oz bottle. If you remember my review of the glitter gradient polish trio from Born Pretty Store, this polish is the same size those were: slightly smaller than a China Glaze mini.

It was a little difficult to get good pictures of this on my nails, in direct sunlight, without it washing out the color, for some reason.

The holo is pretty strong in this polish, though. It's even better in person than I could capture!

I'm showing this at two coats with not topcoat. It is a little sheer. I probably could have used a third coat, but I don't really mind the small amount of vnl (visible nail line) at the tips. It is only visible in the direct sun pictures, anyway. I can't see it in person.

Another plus for this polish is that topcoat (I used Seche Vite) won't dull the holo effect like it does with some holos. This holo doesn't have that nasty, chalky, easily chip-able finish (I'm looking at you, Nfu-Oh!, you pain in the ass!); It is smooth and glossy on its own.

Like all holos, it does lose it's rainbowyness inside, but retains a pretty shimmer!

For a little comparison of the brush, here is the holo polish brush (bottom) compared to a Seche Vite brush. The holo brush isn't hard to use, for me. It is short, but it flares nicely, and holds a good amount of product for how thin the polish is.

The only other blue holo I have is Color Club Over the Moon, so I slapped two coats of it on my thumb to compare the two polishes.

It's a little hard to see a difference, but in person, while they are very similar, I can tell that the Born Pretty Store polish is close to the same color as the Color Club, it is just a touch darker and a little more dusty. It's more of an aqua ocean blue, while Over the Moon is brighter. They both have a really pretty linear holo. The Born Pretty Store holo is a tad weaker, but not by much!

The price:size ratio isn't the best with these. Broken down, I paid $7.5 for each of my Halo Hues. At 15ml, that's .50 cents per ml. Even at the $10 retail price, that's only .67 cents per ml. The Born Pretty holo polishes, on the other hand, at the discounted price of $5.59 end up reducing to .91 cents per ml. At $12.88, they're $2.15 per ml.

Still here? Did I make your head hurt after all that? Basically, my point is that these are pretty pricey (compared to Color Club). They're not too terrible, and they are gorgeous, but personally, I'm a cheapskate and I even have a hard time paying more than $4 for a regular sized bottle of polish sometimes!

I definitely wouldn't say these aren't worth it though! I am a holo junkie, and will be buying the rest of the colors from BPS as soon as I get a chance! ^.^

If you'd like to do the same, use my coupon code ANL91 when you check out and you'll get 10% off your order!

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