Sunday, August 4, 2013

Born Pretty Store - Playing Card Water Decals Review

I was mostly excited to share these water decals from Born Pretty Store with you because of how detailed the king card decal is! I do wish there was a little more variety in these. Maybe have a king from each suit, instead of all hearts, or something. But, still, I couldn't paint a king card this detailed in my wildest dreams, so I really like these!

The instructions say to blow dry the decal and your nails after application, but since I'm such the rebel, I did not take a blow dryer to my hands. The water evaporates pretty quick, and Sech Vite dries in half a second, so... I broke the rules, sue me.

I put these over a base of NYC French White (with Zoya Carmen on my thumb). I just did a big mish mash of suits on my index and pinky nails, put the king and an extra heart on my middle finger, the diamond king and a bunch of extra diamonds on my ring finger, and the three aces on my thumb nail.

I did some poker nails once before... Forever ago. I had tried to paint some cards... It was actually so bad that I'm not even going to link back to that. You can search your little heart out to find it, if you're interested, but lets just say, I wish I had known about these decals back then!

If you're like me and there are no if's, and's, or but's about it, you cannot paint playing card kings, you definitely need some of these! They're opaque enough you don't even have to put them over only white. They're very easy to apply (stick the decal in water for a few seconds [be sure to peel the top, clear, plastic sheet off first!], slide it off the backing and place it somewhere on your nail [make sure your polish is dry, then wet your nail with the water so you can slide the decal around on your nail]). These decals were originally $2.86 USD, but are currently on sale for $1.99.

I used a ton of these decals and still had half a sheet left over. I didn't do my right hand, I just left it plain, but I think you could definitely make these stretch for at least two full manis, depending on your nail size and how many decals you want on each nail.

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