Saturday, August 10, 2013

Busy Girl's Summer Nail Art Challenge - Hearts

I had an idea for the heart nails I wanted to do today: I wanted to do a single color and create the hearts through a deductive process. I happened to be wearing Sinful Colors Mint Apple, so I tried it out on them.

Rather than adding hearts on top of a base color, I wanted to use polish remover to take away some of the polish to have bare nail showing through in heart shapes.

Surprisingly, it worked pretty well and wasn't a huge mess like I'd expected! I did find out that it was easier to do with a dotting tool dipped in remover than a brush.

I did a single, little heart on most of my nails, and a heart shaped half moon on my index finger.

I also want to mention that I did have to adjust the coloring of this polish in Photoshop. It came across too bright, and too blue in the pictures originally. What I've shown is pretty color-accurate, it is a beautiful, dusty aqua color loaded with shimmer!

I'm not too thrilled with how the heart-shape half moon turned out. I think I took away a bit too much polish, but I do like how these turned out! I was going to do multiple hearts per nail, but really liked the more simple one heart per nail.

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