Monday, August 26, 2013

Claire's Day Dream Color-Changing Polish w/ B&W Fishtail Braid Accent

I have a guest post up at Nail Wish on this black and white fishtail braid!

By now, we all know how much I love fishtail braids. But in case you haven't been paying attention or are new to NailsLikeLace... Welcome. I love doing fishtail braid manis! You'll see them here quite often. I've done five since June of last year (which can be seen here) and today I have yet another!

This time, I did a black, white, and grey fishtail braid with acrylic paint as an accent nail, and the rest have two coats of Claire's Day Dream, a color-changing glitter polish that is silver indoors, and shifts to a deep, sparkly wine color in the sun. The first two pictures are shown with topcoat over the fishtail braid, but not on the glitter polish.

I did discover that just one coat of topcoat slightly diminishes the color change effect in Day Dream, but it isn't extremely drastic. I had issues with two other Claire's Mood polishes I'd bought years ago that wouldn't change color at all once you applied topcoat, so I wanted to test that out with this one.

Below, my index finger on the left does not have topcoat, and my middle nail on the right has one coat of Seche Vite on top.

Additionally, this polish is not heat-sensitive. It will not change color with cold or hot water. Cloud-covered skies won't work, either. You definitely have to wear this one when the sun is in full bloom to obtain the best color-change!

I really like how this fishtail braid looks with the glitter in both colors, though!

Have you conquered the fishtail braid yet? It is actually a lot easier than it looks, and has such a fun outcome!
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