Friday, July 19, 2013

Quadruplet Collaboration Nails from Instagram

I've teamed up with a few other girls on Instagram to do collaboration nails quite a few times, then I'd Photoshop one picture from each of us together. So I have three to share with you that we've done in the past!

First up, we decided to do owl nails. I wanted to try owls in a way I hadn't before, and these ones were inspired by a Shabby Blogs background image I used to have.

The base gradient for these is Julep Claire and China Glaze Gaga for Green.

I stamped on top of the blue part with Essie Mesmerize and BM222, and over the green with ChG Holly-Day and BM309, then over the whole nail with ChG White on White and a design from BM222.

We also did a collab of designs we were sick of seeing. Not necessarily bad designs, but ones that are overdone: lace, vintage roses, leopard print and jelly sandwiches, and tribal.

Pointer: Four coats Zoya Kate with acrylic paint lace.
Middle nail: Claires Breakfast at Tiffany's and vintage stripes and roses in paint, leaves with Sally Hansen Lickety-Split Lime, and leaf veins in Color Club What a Shock!
Ring: Two coats Zoya Kate, one coat Claires Bedazzled, and one coat Kate with "cheetah" (since it is often called cheetah rather than leopard) in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Pinky: L.A. Colors Whipped with black and white paint tribal print.
Thumb: Poor attempt at a flakie galaxy look.

Lastly: Neon Geometric

I tried to accomplish this one three different times using Color Club's Electro Candy collection.

Pink: Electro Candy
Orange: Tangerine Scream
Yellow: Volt of Light
Green: What a Shock!
Blue: Pure Energy
Purple: Ultra Violet

My first attempt was at replicating that black paper you can get where if you scratch it, a rainbow appears underneath. I put down my rainbow, then covered that in black acrylic paint and tried to remove it with water and a brush. My brush was way too big, though, and it was a mess.

For my second attempt, I did all the geometricy lines in white and covered them with different colors. My lines were all uneven though, and I just wasn't a fan.

In the end, I decided to layer on the blue, pink, and yellow polishes, and use striping tape to get my design.

And my little cousin liked the rainbow look so much, I ended up doing the same on her, but with leopard print instead of geometric lines.

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