Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday - Something New

I was browsing the YouTube and the Google for the inspiration a couple of days ago to decide on "something new" to try, because my bottle of creative juice was 100% empty. I came across this video tutorial, and for a floral design, surprisingly loved it so much that I needed to recreate it! I changed it up a bit to fit my style better, and produced my first ever successfully multi-stamped mani.

That is how this fits today's theme. I have tried double stamping before, but have never been able to stamp more than once and have a good outcome. Tri-stamping is something new to me.

For these nails, I started off with a two-coat base of Zoya Adel. I bought this to use as a jelly/glitter sandwich polish a year ago and still haven't used it as such. In fact, other than for that purpose, I was never really sure what I would need a sheer white for until now!

I stamped first with Revlon Metallic (rather than a gold as Miss80Million does in the video) and BM12. On top of that, I used another floral image from BM03 and stamped it with Julep Rose 2-3 times per nail. I finished it off with the first floral design, but only used the largest flower from that image, and stamped it a few times on each nail with a Born Pretty Store special stamping polish in black. Topped everything with some topcoat, and sat back to admire one of my few stamping success stories!

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