Friday, July 5, 2013

Lush Lacquer Swatch Spam

Oopsie Daisy
One coat over one coat of Revlon Hazy. ONE daisy glitter after I painted it onto 10 nails. Lame.

Neon Lights
Two thick coats over white. Thick and goopy, and hard to work with. Glitters didn't lay flat and a few started to curl. They sunk into the polish bad and looked crappy. Required 3 coats of Insta-Dri to smooth everything out. Glitters stuck together bad. Pain to apply. That's about it.
Clowning Around
Two thick coats over a nameless LA Colors blue. The glitters laid flat but they stuck together bad. Pain to apply.

Bubble Yummy
One coat over China Glaze Want My Bawdy. Very scarce glitter coverage!

Party Rockin
Two coats over Tree Hugger. Decent coverage. Pretty mix of glitters. Took a century to dry, though.

China Glaze Dance Baby and Lush Lacquer Party Rockin:

Summer Lovin
Two coats over one coat China Glaze Peachy Keen. Glitter coverage is alright. It does like to eat topcoat, though.

Four coats plus topcoat:

Overall, I love the cupcakes I made with Summer Lovin'. I wasn't at all impressed with Lush Lacquer though. The polish and material quality didn't seem very high, the formula was pretty bad on most of them, plus I had a really terrible customer service experience with them. I doubt I order from Lush Lacquer again, unless they put out something to-die-for. These are alright, but they could be a lot better!
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